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Evidence Manual


 I reached out to you shortly before Christmas asking for your help. My mother, a retired Registered Oncologist, learned that she was consumed with cancer 20 months ago. Ironically, the disease that she helped families cope with took over her body and put her on a hopeless path at the age of 72. Her struggle turned into a fight and I believed that her anger towards the cancer turned towards the Lord. Though she gave her life to Christ some 50 years prior, I felt her relationship with our Father had weakened as she began to place blame. My wife, my best friend, witnessed my fears and directed me to you. Although she didn't have the fortune of having the Carry Cross throughout her battle, it made its way to her just in time. She shared her pride in the cross with her neighbors in the hospital and I knew that she had finally found her peace with the disease and with our Savior. My mother passed 2 days later. While my mother is with the Lord, her Carry Cross is with me and I will cherish it throughout my life on earth. 

David C

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 


I just wanted to thank you again for doing our first cross so quickly for our friend with cancer. His wife told us that he held onto the cross since we gave it to him.  He passed away last Wednesday and she told us he was holding it as he died. The Carry Cross meant so much to them. His wife has been holding onto it for comfort and support. It helped her get through those first few nights without him and the funeral yesterday. May God continue to bless your ministry. 


Jacksonville, FL 


We recently received a voicemail from a local group who gave a Carry Cross to a child who was in end of life care. In his final hours, while holding his cross on his chest, his only concern was that his parents would be okay. He only had his Carry Cross for a few days but we were told that he died peacefully with the Carry Cross in his hand on his chest.


Dear Carry Cross,

I am a single mother of two who went through the unthinkable. I endured years of abuse that eventually turned to my two girls. I was devastated and I felt that God had let me down. Last year, a friend sent me a Carry Cross and I was so moved that I got one for each of my daughters. Soon after, my daughters and I were invited by a youth pastor to attend a local church. After several weeks of attendance, we decided to send him a Carry Cross. When I told you my story and about this young pastor, you suggested that we both pray about a verse and we would speak in a couple of days. We talked a few days later and I told you the verse I had chosen. I left the 'word of encouragement' on the front up to you. Upon receipt of pastor's Carry Cross, I called you about the word on the front of the cross. When you explained that Tetelesti was a Greek word for 'the debt is paid' and 'it is finished' I started to cry. The young pastor that I was giving the Carry Cross to was Greek. And, he had recently returned from a mission trip to Greece. I was delighted and felt very blessed that I witnessed such an event.


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We received a call from Episcopal School of Jacksonville that they had to remove their beloved 450 year old oak tree that was a majestic symbol of the campus, 

"The Great Oak." 

The Carry Cross was blessed to be able to provide each of the 2015 graduates of Episcopal School of Jacksonville with a Carry Cross. Each one was crafted from the 450 year old oak and was personalized with the ESJ logo and the Class of 2015 on the charger. A month later, we received a call from the wife of a world renowned artist who had graduated from Episcopal School of Jacksonville, FL. in the 70's. This artist received a Carry Cross made from The Great Oak.  A few months after his wife had given it to him, we received a frantic call from the artist himself. He explained how much it meant to him and that he carried it every day in his pocket and it rested on his nightstand while he slept. He went on to explain how The Carry Cross had given him the strength to quit smoking. He had desperately searched for weeks and was unable to find it. We offered to make another one and retro fit it into his original charger. He picked up his new Carry Cross and went on his way. A couple of weeks later, we received an ecstatic phone call as he had found the original Carry Cross in between the center console and the seat of his truck. 


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Coming Soon!