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Our Journey

The Journey of The Carry Cross

The journey began October 11, 2009. The path had already been mapped out and each step had been carefully planned. One of the first amazing stops was into the hands of Billy Graham who then turned around and ordered three more for his staff. As close as our community and as far away as the Solomon Islets, we can only imagine the lives that have been impacted by the message and reassurance of God's love. Please see our Evidence Manual for personal testimonies.


Looking for a fundraising idea for your youth group or organization? We can add your church or organization logo to the Carry Cross. Contact us for more info (904) 237-1068 or thecarrycross@bellsouth.net


These trophies were offered to participants in the 4th Annual King of the Hill Surf Fest organized by Neptune Baptist Church. The event brings community and young people up close to the members of Neptune Baptist Church and provides an exceptional environment to share the gospel and lead others to Christ. 

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